How to Use a Humane Trap

Sometimes you will find that animals are looking at your home, yard, barn, or storage buildings as a place to make their home. To safely remove these animals from your property without harming them, you will want to use a humane animal trap. To use one of these traps you will need some bait to attract the animal. Every pest is unique and different baits work better than others.  You may find that it is best to try a few of the recommendations below in order to see what works best for you. 

What Kind of Bait do I use?
Cat Food, Fish, Meat
Cereal, Grains, Peanut butter, Popcorn, Prune Pits, Sunflower Seeds, Unroasted Peanuts
Bones, Dog food, Meat,
Chicken entrails, Mice, Prepared Scented Bait,
Peanut butter and bread
Apples,Bacon, Chicken Entrails, Fish, Liver, Veggies,
Apples, Carrots, Salt,
Fresh veggies, cabbage, carrots, lettuce, apples, bread
Peanut butter, cheese, grain, sandwich meat, peppermint oil
Chicken entrails, fresh and canned fish
Peanut butter, sunflower seeds, oatmeal, bread, nuts (especially peanuts - to attract the squirrel more quickly deshell some nuts with a nutcracker, the smell of the nuts will reach the squirell more easily without the shell blocking it)
Fish, fresh liver, chicken entrails
String beans, corn, lettuce, peas, apples

Once you have caught the animal that has been causing you problems; you will want to safely release it somewhere that is far enough away from your home that you shouldn't have to worry about it revisiting you. If you have concerns about how best to release the animal then you should contact your local animal control office.

How to Maintain, Clean and Store an Animal Trap

Proper maintainance of your trap is very important in order to extend the life of the trap. Maintanence of a humane trap is quite simple.  The best way to clean your trap is to simply hose it down or spray it off with a garden sprayer and fresh water and then wipe it down.  Detergents and soaps that have a strong smell can potentially scare away animals. If you must use some sort of soap then you should try to use a mild and unscented soap. 

When storing your trap be sure that it is completely dry.  Every part on your trap is important.  Rust can cause the trap to be unusable.  Store your trap in a dry place.  A basement may not be the best location for trap storage due to moisture. 

In the old days people had different methods of scaring away animals, some would string together old milk bottles and hang them around their garden in a way that the bottles would jangle together when an animal tried to get in. The noise would scare away any critters. Old cowbells would also be used in the same method.